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Time’s Indifferent Ocean

As the year winds down, and the holiday get-togethers with family and friends are gearing up, what better time than this for self-reflection—to rest and ground yourself in the quiet place found in the eye of the storm, so to speak. For our last Poem of the Month for 2017, we present Like a Wave by V. Fay. Pensive and full of evocative imagery; enjoy.


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To all our readers and contributors: We wish you a safe and very Happy Holidays, and   an optimistic New Year’s! Oh, and submissions will open again in January; I’ll post when they do, so keep an eye out.


A Clock on Fire

The eleventh month is here already—time slouches on, rough beast that it is.* For our Poem of the Month, we present a poem perfectly apropos for this sentiment: Dennis Saleh’s “Noon and All”—a thoughtful, linear work presented in an honest and precise (and thereby immensely satisfying) use of language. Check it out.

(*Apologies to Yeats)

Veil Issue No.15

The 2017 issue of Veil: Journal of Darker Musings is here! Behold the variety of poets within, and shiver in delight whilst perusing their wicked works. This issue features John Thomas Allen, Robert Beveridge, Nina Clarence, William Doreski, Gregg Dotoli, Claire T. Feild, Melinda Giordano, John Grey, Ray Greenblatt, Sheila Hong Kai En, Terence Kuch, Denny E. Marshall, Joan McNerney, N.P. Miller, Keith Nunes, Simon Perchik, Richard King Perkins II, Dennis Saleh, Jenny Santellano, J.J. Steinfeld, Larry Thacker, and Matthew Wilson.

Veil Issue 15 2017.jpg

Interested in a copy? $5 per issue, includes shipping & handling. Please contact us at (with the word “Orders” in the subject line). Just in time for Halloween!


Reminder: Subsynchronous Press will reopen to submissions in January 2018.

A Brimstone Takeaway

Ah, October, when the surreal and spooky is celebrated! We here at Subsynchronous Press love to revel in the odd and unsettling all year round, and speaking of such, our Poem of the Month is under a corner of the veil, by Keith Nunes. A splendidly surreal and unsettling poem, delivered in precise, unflinching language. Perfect for the season!

A Green and Blue Geometry

With Autumn just around the corner—school starting, days shortening, temperatures falling—sartorial styles shift just like points of view: what was not acceptable months ago, now feels perfectly fine. Or vice versa. September’s Poem of the Month is So Plaid, by William Doreski, a strongly visual, adroit enfolding of a complicated relationship with a colder season.

Pre-Programed Chemicals

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So here we are in the dog days of summer—hot enough for ya? Our featured poem for August—Untitled in August by Joan Payne Kincaid—tersely encaptures both the mental and physical mugginess and lethargy that the end of summer brings. Best time of year for beer and ice cream, though. Sometimes combined.

Like Iridescent Sentinels

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Ah, here we are smack-dab in the middle of summer! Long days giving us the opportunity for vacations, get-togethers with family and friends—all manner of outdoor amusements. And what better summer amusement than to hit the beach or the pool, if you are lucky enough? And if you aren’t, here instead visit the Sun Worshippers by A.J. Huffman—a concise little poem chock-full of precise, colorful observations seen only in summertime.