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Pre-Programed Chemicals

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So here we are in the dog days of summer—hot enough for ya? Our featured poem for August—Untitled in August by Joan Payne Kincaid—tersely encaptures both the mental and physical mugginess and lethargy that the end of summer brings. Best time of year for beer and ice cream, though. Sometimes combined.


Like Iridescent Sentinels

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Ah, here we are smack-dab in the middle of summer! Long days giving us the opportunity for vacations, get-togethers with family and friends—all manner of outdoor amusements. And what better summer amusement than to hit the beach or the pool, if you are lucky enough? And if you aren’t, here instead visit the Sun Worshippers by A.J. Huffman—a concise little poem chock-full of precise, colorful observations seen only in summertime.

***Yet Another Update***

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Greetings all–

Please note that Veil: Journal of Darker Musings is now closed to submissions until next year (that’s right, 2018). We’re full up! Thanks to all contributors for sending us such sublime works to consider. We’ll reopen to subs in 2018; I’ll post the notice here, and also on the guidelines page, so keep an eye out.

–Hillary, ed.

Ice Cubes Gelling

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I can think of no better image to cool us off at the start of one hot summer, than “ice cubes gelling.” Our June 2017 Poem of the Month is Country Time, by Ray Greenblatt, a detail-rich little poem that deftly encompasses many of the organic pleasures of summertime. And it has nothing to do with lemonade. Enjoy!

~~ UPDATE ~~

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Veil: Journal of Darker Musings is NOW OPEN to SUBMISSIONS.

~~ * * * ~~

Please see our guidelines page for, well, guidelines.

Inside My Rectangle

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Doesn’t the month of May always feel like the diving board of summer? There you are, finishing up with springtime, poised to jump into the warmer days just ahead. You move a little slower, perhaps daydream more often, and pack light for those delicious and possibly decadent getaways. Our May Poem of the Month encapsulates just such a state of mind: Town of No Taboos by David Spicer

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Also, please note that Veil: Journal of Darker Musings is still closed to submissions. I will post the notice here when we reopen. Please don’t submit until then. Ta.

When God Slaps

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Ah, April: the first of the month is a celebration (or a suffering) of jokes and japes and slapstick pranks; the rest of the month is full-to-bursting with the optimism of spring. And always, beside such optimism lurks the shadow of restless foreboding, doesn’t it? Herewith we present a sharp little poem that deftly ponders the “metaphysical delirium” that engulfs us all: One Person’s Seriousness Is Another’s Colossal Joke by J. J. Steinfeld.