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Kudos to longtime friend and contributor, Frank Iosue, on the publication of his new book, The Au Revoir Of An Enormous Us: Collected Poems. Iosue’s work is lyrical, thoughtful, and always transcendentally beautiful. Find it on Amazon here.

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Congrats to The Laughing Dog contributor Mather Schneider on his first full-length book of poetry, Drought Resistant Strain, available from Interior Noise Press.

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Kudos to David Kopaska-Merkel for the nomination of his poem “Chickzilla” in the 2007 Dwarf  Stars Anthology and Award for the Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Short Poetry of 2006. “Chickzilla” originally appeared in The Laughing Dog, Issue 13, 2006.

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The Laughing Dog, Issue 12, was named one of the Top Ten Best Overseas Magazines in the U.K.’s Purple Patch No.115, The Purple Press Small Patch Best of 2006. (PurplePatchPoetry.Co.UK)


In Memoriam: Lee Frank

On November 5, 2015, we lost a friend and poet, Lee Frank of Tucson, AZ. Lee was an early contributor to both The Laughing Dog and Veil, as well as a contributor to our one-off publication, What a Lot of Noise! He was supportive of our publishing endeavors, and for that we will always be grateful. Lee was also active in organizing the Poetry @ the River reading series here in Tucson,  as well as the Poetry Speak and Sell (where participating poets read their works on stage, and sold their chapbooks off stage). His energy and love of language was inspiring.

A prolific poet himself, Lee authored 9 chapbooks, as well; the most lovely (in my opinion) being his “Series for Juliet.” A poem from this series is presented below:

Gravity Redefined

Romeo’s heart is lost forever

In less than a hundred words
the abyss is complete
Permanently over the edge,
he drifts, suspended in free-fall
Like a balloon, his heart floats
away from the earth
towards her infinite star

When planets tumble
and stars explode,
This heart will still be in orbit
about the eternal Juliet



Goodbye Lee. Thanks for the memories.


* * *

In Memoriam: Charles W. (Charly) Wood

Charly was an insightful writer who wrought with ease that delicate mix of poignancy and humor in his poetry. An old friend of the Subsynchronous Editors, we first came to know Charly and his wonderful poems in will inman’s writing group which met once a week in one of the local Unitarian Church’s meeting rooms. Charly left this world June 11, 2012.

Gently Telling
Charly Wood

It may suite your dark needs
to feel you destroyed me,
a candle that sought and burned the moth,

but in truth beauty is an ecstatic flame
and I am more a flitting bat,
asbestos-winged, fire-proofed by life.

When incinerated, like the phoenix
I rise in flame,
annealed in heat,
gliding serene above my former ashes.

(This poem previously appeared in Charly’s 1998 limited edition collection of poems, Shards. Reprinted here with the permission of his estate.)

* * *

In Memoriam: Joseph Pytko

A fine poet who employed an economy of words to portray great depth of feeling, his poems easily drew his readers into the lyrical spaces he created. A frequent contributor to both The Laughing Dog and Veil, he and his works will be sorely missed. Joseph F. Pytko passed away July 24, 2011.

Joseph Pytko

Night’s stare sticks
to the window
like a tongue on dry ice.
Street light etches
on the glass whatever
is in its grasp.
Deep in the hole
of sleep, no one hears
the votive lights, reminding
each other to remain alert,
and light the way
for the penitent in me
to return with the incense
that rises with its hands
folded over my heart.
And to return
in the hymn
that is sung
when the dawn
is given its wings.

(This poem originally appeared in The Laughing Dog, Issue 18, 2009)



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  1. Looking good!

  2. Elizabeth Drake-Boyt

    Fitting and well done; Charly’s wit and humor go on.


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