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The Final Issue of The Laughing Dog is Here ~ Just in Time for the Holidays!

This is issue number 25, the last The Laughing Dog. Please click here for the list of contributors and ordering information.

Warren Andrle and I started Subsynchronous Press in 2000, in Tucson, Arizona. Full of ambition, we created The Laughing Dog, intending to publish 3 issues a year. We then pared it down to 2 issues a year, and finally settled on a more manageable 1 issue a year. That’s how we published 25 journals in 16 years, in case you were wondering.

We attracted contributors from all across these United States (literally from coast to coast, and border to border), and from all over the world. Argentina, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Switzerland, and Wales. Plus, our publications are housed in several university libraries. We’ve published a Pulitzer Prize winner and many academic poets; we’ve published street poets and kids just out of school—and lots of poets in between. We took what we considered to be the best works, regardless of the writer’s track record. It was the poem that mattered.

While The Laughing Dog is done, we will still maintain our online presence here, posting a selected Poem of the Month at the beginning of each month. Also, The Dog‘s sister publication, Veil: Journal of Darker Musings will be published for at least another year or two.

The Dog’s had a good run; better and longer than we ever expected. And that’s cause for celebration!

Thank you, one and all. And Happy Holidays!

— Hillary Lyon, editor



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