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It’s All About Joy, This Voyage

Welcome, lovebirds, to Subsync’s poem of the Month for February 2016: Be Natural Easy, and Relaxed II, by Joan Payne Kincaid. The title is wonderful advice, in and of itself, and the poem flows like a much needed tonic: in turns poignant, sultry, and familiar. Lose yourself in it; you’ll be glad you did.



Both The Laughing Dog and Veil: Journal of Darker Musings are now open to submissions. If you’ve already subbed to us, your poems have been sitting in the Not-Yet pile until we opened. Now we’ll get to them. Don’t be so impatient.

***Also, please note that the 2016 issue of The Laughing Dog will be its final issue. It’s been a good run, but we’re done. More to come.***


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  1. Joan Payne Kincaid

    Hillary, Poem and comments look perfect. Thank you so much for encouraging and publishing my work. Cheers to the New Year! Peace and love, Joan


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