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It’s National Poetry Month, After All

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What better way to kick off NPM than with a poem referencing Billy Collins, our one-time poet laureate — than with our poem of the month, that is:  I Think I Think About Billy Collins, by MK Sukach. Honest and gritty — a two-fisted poem if ever there was one.

Speaking of honest and gritty, as an editor I have to decline an awful lot of poems — my least favorite part of this endeavor. I work at being being kind and gentle with the rejections, as I have received some cold and just plain inexplicable rejections myself. Not inexplicable because I thought my poems were fab, but inexplicable because the editor’s note was odd. Here’s my favorite rejection note, hand-written in black sharpie (!) on the back of my cover letter:

Rejection note

“Thank you, but these works fragmented my unities.”

OK, then, I’ll wear that as a badge of honor.

If you have any bizarre rejections you’d like to share, send them my way and I’ll post them.


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