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Inaccurate Kisses

Hearts and flowers, hugs and kisses—valentines and real life. This is what we give you, dear readers, for our February 2019 Poem of the Month: Tryst, by Ray Greenblatt. The piece is an encompassing, detailed look around the romantic life found in adulthood—and all that that implies.


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Veil: Journal of Darker Musings
is now OPEN to Submissions.
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We are All Busy Building

Welcome 2019! So weird to type/write that. Don’t you feel like the future is here, and just brimming with promise? Though the past is always with us in the present, if we pay attention. Our first offering for this new year, Changming Yuan’s poem “Nesting,” emphasizes just that sentiment. A tight, visually enticing little work; rich with eternal, pertinent references. An actual gift of a poem. Enjoy.



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We are still closed to submissions.

I will post when we re-open, so watch this space!

Cold Lavender Sky

The last month of the year, already! My, how time flies. For our final 2018 Poem of the Month entry, we give you Joan Payne Kincaid’s “On Ground.” This poem is a detailed slice of modern life with all its attendant delights shadowed by worry; it also focuses on the uncomfortable reality that our technologies inevitably clash with the natural world.

And remember: “Everything must be reported.”

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Happy Holidays to each and everyone of our readers, contributors, and kind supporters. May you have a blessed season and the Very Happiest of New Years!

See you in 2019!

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The Brain Gets Lost

Here we are in November already—that cool, crunchy-leafed place between Día de los Muertos and Thanksgiving. Our offering this month is John Grey’s “The Change”—a delightful, quirky piece to whet the appetite for family gatherings. Think of Thanksgiving, without the pie. Enjoy!

Veil: Journal of Darker Musings, Issue 16

It’s here! Just in time for Halloween, and Veil: Journal of Darker Musings, Issue 16, is chock full of eerily talented poets: 

John Thomas Allen, Paula Ashley, Lana Bella, Robert Beveridge, Tim Goldstone, Jack Granath, Ray Greenblatt, John Grey, Frank Iosue, Joan Payne Kincaid, Rudolf Klassen, Denny E. Marshall, Lance Nizami, Liam Nolte, Keith Nunes, Simon Perchik, Richard King Perkins II, Walter Ruhlmann, Joel Schueler, Meg Smith, Kathryn Staublin, Richard Stevenson, M. Stone, Lily Tierney, Changming Yuan, and John Zedolik.

Veil Issue 16 2018 for Blog.jpg

Contact us at to order your copy today.

And Happy Halloween, to one and all!

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Reminder: We will reopen for submissions to both Veil and our Poem of the Month series after the New Year. Watch this site for updates.

In Roadside Weeds

Here we are in October Country (see Ray Bradbury), dancing with all things spooky and unsettling, but just for fun. For our Poem of the Month we present to you Ray Greenblatt’s “Fate, an unnerving little poem, full of frissons, ill omens, and delightfully macabre imagery. Just what we want for Halloween-time! Enjoy, all you little monsters out there.

Veil is Now Closed to Submissions

Veil: Journal of Darker Musings is now closed to submissions. We’re full! And thankful, too, to everyone who submitted.

I will post a notice when we reopen to submissions, which will be sometime in early 2019. See you then!