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In Perfect Stillness

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What a surreal thing this is, this first day of April—Easter and a fool’s day and time for our Poem of the Month. A trifecta to be celebrated! And so we give you an appropriate poem for the day: Wooden Walls by Robert Beveridge, a work detailed and dreamlike, curious and quirky. Perfect for April 1st. Enjoy!


Take That as a Compliment

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If you’ve ever speculated on the tortuous process of becoming a workaday American prophet, consider Joseph Felser’s poem, “How You Take It.” A detailed, and sometimes gory (just like the old gods like it) cinematic fable, the piece deftly reassures the reader that our ancient myths never truly die, they are just retooled for our modern age. Enjoy!

All the Spirits In-Between

Ah, February—the Month of Love! What Valentine’s memories do you hold dear? Our Poem of the Month opens up that old shoe-box of romantic souvenirs, and dumps them all out on the bed—for you viewing pleasure. Mementos Amoris! Take a lascivious peek at the Starlet on Her Deathbed, by Anonymous Marlowe. Maybe you’ll see something that looks familiar.

Monkey-Busy Always

We are starting the New Year off with a thoughtful little poem that in turn celebrates and observes the cold truth of an industrious deity: “Pongo” by Warren Andrle. A succinct little work that gracefully tackles the larger issue of a One True God. Worth a read.

And so we welcome 2018! May all our readers and contributors enjoy a prosperous, blessed year ahead.

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We have moved our previous Poems of the Month (Years 2010 through 2016) to our Subsynchronous Press Archives site, which you may link to here:

2016 will be moved soon.

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We are NOW open to submissions for both Veil: Journal of Darker Musings and our online Poem of the Month Series. See Submission Guidelines for Details.

Time’s Indifferent Ocean

As the year winds down, and the holiday get-togethers with family and friends are gearing up, what better time than this for self-reflection—to rest and ground yourself in the quiet place found in the eye of the storm, so to speak. For our last Poem of the Month for 2017, we present Like a Wave by V. Fay. Pensive and full of evocative imagery; enjoy.


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To all our readers and contributors: We wish you a safe and very Happy Holidays, and   an optimistic New Year’s! Oh, and submissions will open again in January; I’ll post when they do, so keep an eye out.

A Clock on Fire

The eleventh month is here already—time slouches on, rough beast that it is.* For our Poem of the Month, we present a poem perfectly apropos for this sentiment: Dennis Saleh’s “Noon and All”—a thoughtful, linear work presented in an honest and precise (and thereby immensely satisfying) use of language. Check it out.

(*Apologies to Yeats)

Veil Issue No.15

The 2017 issue of Veil: Journal of Darker Musings is here! Behold the variety of poets within, and shiver in delight whilst perusing their wicked works. This issue features John Thomas Allen, Robert Beveridge, Nina Clarence, William Doreski, Gregg Dotoli, Claire T. Feild, Melinda Giordano, John Grey, Ray Greenblatt, Sheila Hong Kai En, Terence Kuch, Denny E. Marshall, Joan McNerney, N.P. Miller, Keith Nunes, Simon Perchik, Richard King Perkins II, Dennis Saleh, Jenny Santellano, J.J. Steinfeld, Larry Thacker, and Matthew Wilson.

Veil Issue 15 2017.jpg

Interested in a copy? $5 per issue, includes shipping & handling. Please contact us at (with the word “Orders” in the subject line). Just in time for Halloween!


Reminder: Subsynchronous Press will reopen to submissions in January 2018.