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The 2016 Issue of Veil, No.14, is Now Available

Just in time for Halloween, here ’tis:

Veil 2016 issue 14 cover.jpg

Chock full of disturbingly thoughtful and spooky poems by outstanding poets. Enjoy! Please visit our Current & Back Issues of Veil page for ordering information.

With Moon Tales

With October comes not just a change in seasons, but a change in how we look at the world around us. The shadows seem a bit deeper, people a bit more odd, the mysteries of life a bit more curious, if we are at all aware. This month we highlight a tight little thought-provoking poem which examines this peculiar world. For October 2016’s Poem of the Month, we give you The Walk by Denny E. Marshall.

Veil is Now Closed to Submissions

Thank you, one and all, for your submissions! We will open to submissions again in January of 2017. Veil: Journal of Darker Musings (issue No. 14) is slated to be born in late October, around Halloween–how appropriate!

You Are a Deep Blue Ocean

Just as our warm summer days cool into autumn, so do warm relationships sometimes cool into longing for what once was. What better way to examine this than with a thoughtful, poignant poem, like the one we offer for September 2016’s Poem of the Month: Anonymous and Cool, by Holly Day.

I Thought About You

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One of the more satisfying aspects of poetry is how an apt poet can present the most mundane—or horrifying—observation and use it to lead the reader into an unexpected, and sometimes poignantly dissolute, interior space. Our August Poem of the Month is one such piece: Devour, by Jan Karlsson.

In a Flash

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July is a good time for some fireworks—emotional fireworks, included. A bright beautiful flash, you catch your breath, and it’s gone. This month we present a crisp little poem concerned with love and the unbidden spark of self-awareness: Endless Love by Sabahudin Hadžialić. Check it out.

Pillaged Heaven

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What better way to hail the start of our summer season than with a poem commemorating the gift of fire to humankind—such a boon, but at such a cost. So for our June 2016 Poem of the Month, we give you Fire Thief by Gregg Dotoli, a poem tasty in its succinctness, and satisfyingly forthright in its meaning. Just the way we like ’em.