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Ruthless Honest Wildness

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Nothing like spending the day at the beach—especially if it is the beach Lance Nizami evokes in his poem, “Refuge.” Pristine in attitude, and richly bubbling with detail, enjoy it now that we have reached summer’s end.


Hot Human Summer Flow

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Here we are smack-dab in the dog days of summer; makes us inclined to lie in the sun and wrest poetry from our steaming stream of consciousness. For instance, our July Poem of the Month, Trade by Tim Goldstone, succeeds in creating a detailed, vibrant world—so real it’s unreal. Kick back and enjoy.

Wake the Thought

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Ah, these wonderful early weeks of summer, when the sap is still running a bit high but the temperature is not, and your world is a relatively serene place, if you let it be. For June 2018’s Poem of the Month, we give you a gently evocative piece, perfect for the first month of summer, A Sense of Scent, by Gregg Dotoli. It’s liberating.

in grass, lilies, and one thing

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Here we are in May already—the end of spring, but not yet summer. Everything still green and temperate, but on the brink of change. For May, we give you a lovely little poem for a lovely month: When we meet in green by Meg Smith. A concise work, effused with poignant musings and gently evocative images. A pleasure to read.

In Perfect Stillness

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What a surreal thing this is, this first day of April—Easter and a fool’s day and time for our Poem of the Month. A trifecta to be celebrated! And so we give you an appropriate poem for the day: Wooden Walls by Robert Beveridge, a work detailed and dreamlike, curious and quirky. Perfect for April 1st. Enjoy!

Take That as a Compliment

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If you’ve ever speculated on the tortuous process of becoming a workaday American prophet, consider Joseph Felser’s poem, “How You Take It.” A detailed, and sometimes gory (just like the old gods like it) cinematic fable, the piece deftly reassures the reader that our ancient myths never truly die, they are just retooled for our modern age. Enjoy!

All the Spirits In-Between

Ah, February—the Month of Love! What Valentine’s memories do you hold dear? Our Poem of the Month opens up that old shoe-box of romantic souvenirs, and dumps them all out on the bed—for you viewing pleasure. Mementos Amoris! Take a lascivious peek at the Starlet on Her Deathbed, by Anonymous Marlowe. Maybe you’ll see something that looks familiar.